How It Works?

Its Easy!

Use Local Discounts

Use discounts for your every day life.  Offering discounts for restaurants, bars, hotels and anything else you use daily.

Share Everyday Discounts

Find Discounts on the Yapy App and share them with friends via messenger, email or any social media.

Earn Commission

Earn commission on the discounts that you share with friends. When they use the discounts Yapy tracks and credits your account.

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Awesome Features

Yapy has great sharing and tracking features for both the Promoter and the Business Owner.

Business Owner

  • Attract More Customers

    Use Yapy to promote your business and offer daily discounts to attract more customers.

  • Increase Sales

    Promoters will push your business to all of their friends and family and encourage the use of your discounts.

  • Only pay for Results

    Yapy will track every time your discount is used, who used it, and who sent them.

business coupons


Share Discounts to Earn money!

  • Share Share Share

    Share any of the discounts on social media to your friends and family.

  • Track Your Earnings

    Yapy will track every person that you shared the discount with and who has used it.

  • Earn $

    You will earn a commission every time someone uses one of your discounts!

Real Time Statistics

Yapy tracks all of your statistics in real time.

Share Reports

Real time reporting of how many times your discount was share.

Usage Reports

Data showing how many times a discount was used on both the Promoter panel as well as the Business Owner panel.

Payment Reports

Reports showing how much is owed to a promoter from business owners as well as payment requests from promoters.

How Yapy Helps your Business

There are many ways Yapy can propel your business.

  • Create free discounts to show on Yapy.
  • Promoters will share your discounts on social media and with friends and family.
  • Full tracking of your discounts on the App.
  • You do not pay anything for advertising until someone uses your discounts at your business.
  • Perfect for promoting special events such as DJ’s, bands, entertainers or just to hype up a special night.

Share Discounts & Make Money

You can make money simply by sharing everyday discounts with friends and family.

  • Promoters can simply share new discounts on the app with people they think may use them.
  • Yapy has all of the share features built in so you can share on any messaging or social media platforms.
  • When someone that you know uses the discount code, you will receive the commission from the business.
  • Yapy is basically an everyday life affiliate program
  • The more you share the more money you can make.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about the Yapy App

No it is free to add your business.

You will only pay the promoters after someone used your discount code that the promoter provided.  Yapy will track everything in the detailed reports section for you to see.

Yes you are welcome to share every discount that you see.  You will only earn on the discounts that are used.

Each business owner sets a payment threshold.  Once you cross that amount, you will be able to request payment.

Of course.  The business owner is putting the discounts out there for everyone to use.

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App Screenshots

Here are a few screenshots from the app.

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